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Cloud Storage
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Cost effective infinite storage. Continous Availability of your Mission Critical Data.
Fast facts about Cloud Storage and what it means to you.

Cost Effective Infinite Storage.
Continuous Availability of your Mission Critical Data.


In today's economic climate, small and medium sized businesses are under pressure to reduce operational costs, manage risk, and maintain high customer service levels. The time and resources needed to manage data protection internally can affect an organization's ability to focus on their core business and strategic priorities. And, should a server fail, recovering data could take days, weeks, or data may never be fully recovered.


Our Cloud Storage Solution provides comprehensive round the clock management of back-up and recovery, allowing your customers to focus on their core strengths, knowing they can rely on a robust archiving service to meet internal and regulatory requirements cost effectively, with the added benefit of real-time continuous server availability, in the event of a planned or unplanned outage.

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